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Tue/Thu, 5:00-6:15pm, C4 LC


Shuo Han (
Office hour: TBD

Teaching Assistant

Mehdi Sharifzadeh (
Office hour: TBD

Course Description

The course serves as a second course in control for undergraduates/graduates who wish to learn more about modern control design techniques from a practical perspective. The course mainly focuses on designing control systems use state space methods. Topics to be covered include: state space modeling of dynamical systems. Stability analysis using state space models (Lyapunov stability theory). Reachability and state feedback. Observability and observer design. Realization theory. Optimization-based controller synthesis (linear quadratic regulator, receding-horizon control).


ECE 350. Familiarity with MATLAB is assumed.



Course Policy

Course Text and References

There is no single textbook that covers all the topics in this course. The lecture notes will be the primary source of reference.

If you would like to purchase a single textbook for the course, the recommended text for the course is